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This site accepts either direct input of user's URL's through its web frontend, or direct linking using URL parameters (see below).

Presently this service only accepts http and https (SSL) style processing.


Alternative linking methods include using code that automatically updates the link depending on the URL such as (PHP example):

<a href="http://www.w3accessibility.com/?site=<? echo urlencode("http://".$SERVER_NAME."".$REQUEST_URI);?>" title="Text reader only version of the website.">Text Only Version</a>

Or, more simply just link to your homepage using:

<a href="http://www.w3accessibility.com/?site=http://www.juicymedia.co.uk" title="Text reader only version of the website.">Text Only Version</a>

Or, if your website uses SSL you should use something like:

<? $scheme = ($_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] == "443")? "https://" : "http://"; $site_url = urlencode($scheme.$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'].$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']); echo $site_url; ?>

Further manipulation can be performed by modifying the value of the "wrap column":

<a href="http://www.w3accessibility.com/?site=<? echo urlencode("http://".$SERVER_NAME."".$REQUEST_URI);?>&amp;w=200" title="Text reader only version of the website.">Text Only Version</a>

The default is 80 if the value for "w" is omitted.

Excluding Content

You can exclude certain areas of your site (such as navigation) to make the page look more user-friendly. This is achieved by including standard HTML comments:

<!-- start:exclude --> text here <!-- end:exclude -->

This will remove whatever text is between the two tags, so be careful!
Please note that these comments cannot be nested within one another, BUT you can use multiple consecutive exclude comments on any single page.

Excluding Using Robots.txt

Presently this script does not obey the contents of a sites robots.txt file, although extensive development is being performed to embed this facility.

Joomla Development

Please visit Juicy Media Ltd or the extensions section of Joomla! for more detail.
The latest Joomla module is version 1.2 allowing extended SSL support and extended text wrapping configuration.

Commercial Services

This site is free to use. If you are using this site for commercial purposes, please contact our sponsoring organisation Juicy Media Ltd who will be happy to arrange a similar service with a commercial Service Level Agreement (SLA).


This is an automated service and therefore no manual "human" checking of URL's is made. w3accessibility can not be responsible for the content reproduced through this system. If persistent abuse continues through a given site or user, w3accessibility will block access to the processing service. If you feel your website is being targeted by this service, please contact us and we will make every effort to assist.

This automated service does not "crawl" a website but simply interpret the page that has been requested. This though does not stop search engine spiders from visiting an external link through this service. As a result, externally linked website's are likely to be scanned/crawled by search engines looking through your website using the w3accessibility service. This is therefore outside of the control of this service and we cannot be held responsible.

Our content extracting spider/bot identifies itself as "w3accessibility/x.xx" and using standard web techniques can be blocked on an individual site basis if so wished (through htaccess, and/or Apache configuration). The blocking of individual search engines on any given site through the use of a "robots.txt" file is down to the site owner.

Terms of Service

  1. w3accessibility provides no guarantee of service, and also no guarantee of quality.
  2. We reserve the right to discontinue service to any company or website we see fit.
  3. w3accessibility offers no warranty or service level agreement with "free" usage.
  4. By submitting a website to this service you understand and agree that our "service" will extract content from your website.
  5. You must accept that our service is accessible by human users and also by search engine spiders/bots.
  6. Please note that these Terms and Conditions are subject to change.

Copyright and Privacy

w3accessibility and Juicy Media will not pass on the information collected through this service to any third parties, although the statistical information gathered from its usage may be used to enhance the marketing of this product.

The content of the website (after processing) remains that of the site being displayed whereas the w3accessibility (therefore Juicy Media Ltd) maintains only a Copyright to its own technology running on its website (www. w3accessibility.com) as developed by Juicy Media Ltd.